Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The CFL Week That Was...

Parity has indeed reared its ugly head in the CFL, putting tto rest the notion that there is such a thing as the "smart money" when it comes to picking winners. In what was the worst week of the season for Rinks to Links, it was a trio of upsets that kept the standings close across the league.

Montreal 19 AT Edmonton 33: Montreal had no right to lose, but if it had to happen to the league's only unbeaten squad, it came as no surprise that a trip to Edmonton did them in. I have always said that the "Forum Ghosts" of Montreal Canadiens' lore relocated to Commonwealth Stadium when the Molson Centre became home to the Habs. And of course, the only natural turf surface in the CFL has been a veritable graveyard for the Als, who continue to lay eggs when they enter the so-called City of Champions. Ricky Ray was brilliant, and the Esks proved that they can be tough at home. Oddly, they are now 3-2 and in first place in the CFL West.

B.C. 18 AT Hamilton 30: Hamilton is officially one game above .500 and are full marks for their current lofty perch. DeAndra Cobb is turning heads, delivering valuable yards along the ground while establishing himself as a competent pass catcher. He'll earn the headlines for now, but the Tabbies have a relentless defence as well. Life on the west coast has become much less of a paradise for the Lions who are being fried by fans with short memories and high expectations.

Winnipeg 13 AT Toronto 12: You know you are a bad football team when your opponent hands you seven turnovers and you only win by one point. Thankfully for the Argo faithful, the roof was open at SkyDome (Rogers Centre), which meant he stench had somewhere to go. Michael Bishop was good enough as a sandlot QB for ythe Bombers in this one, while Kerry Joseph really seems to be missing the mentoring of former Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Kent Austin. As I have always said, it is better to win ugly than lose ugly.

Saskatchewan 24 AT Calgary 23: The second one-point victory at McMahon Stadium in two years for the Riders was likely a shock to CFL fans across the country, although it was the most exciting game of the entire week. Nice to see the Stamps are capable of laying an egg at home, but really, you gotta like how the Rider defense was able to frustrate Henry Burris. Both teams were very good along the ground, but Saskatchewan had one more big play in their arsenal. The Roughriders are now 2-0 on the road this season.

Last Week: 1-3. Season 9-11

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