Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Overdue Project Begins...

It has been a interesting journey over the past three decades, from a brief stop with the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, to an exciting career in the hospitality industry, and now the always entertaining business of golf. During the past decade, the world of freelance writing has served to scratch an itch for me.

I grew up in Saskatchewan with the Western Hockey League being a huge part of my life as a sports fan. Later, while working in the hotel industry, I met many wonderful people associated with the WHL from Ed Chynoweth, Dave King, Bob Strumm, Dennis Beyak, Tim Speltz, Butch Goring, Gregg Drinnan, Peter Loubardias, Roger Millions, Peter Anholt, Lorne Frey and many more. As a primary contact on the hotel side, I handled accommodation requirements for many teams using our properties throughout Saskatchewan. I have made it a point to maintain contact with many of these folks since the early 1990's.

I have watched Memorial Cup finals, and covered from behind the scenes the 2006 World Junior Hockey Championships, the ADT Canada/Russia Challenge and the annual Home Hardware CHL Top Prospects Game.

On the golf side, the game has been my passion for over 35 years. I have had many terrific experiences on and off the golf course, and also many bizarre and challenging experiences on the business side. The game and the business will always be the perfect test of my life skills, from patience to persistence.

I have been inside the ropes, covering Canadian Tour events since the mid-1990's. The pinnacle for me so far was covering the 2007 CN Canadian Ladies Open in Edmonton.

Visit when you can. I'll keep you informed, entertain you at times, and chances are I'll occasionally piss you off!

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