Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Consumer of Golf

I find it interesting how this consumer category has changed over the years. During yesteryear, we did things that today would seem to be foreign acts of courtesy.

- We would stop our movements and conversations around the clubhouse area when people were teeing off.
- We would arrive early at the golf course for our tee times.
- Maintenance equipment would stop to allow people to play their shots in peace and quiet.
- Slower moving groups would take the initiative to invite the following group to play through.
- One player would pick up the tab at check-in because they knew they had four hours on the golf course to split the bill with their buddies and make it all good.
- There was no such thing as a "discount coupon".

Today, we seem to exist in a world of "hurry up and wait".

- It is commonplace for people to arrive within minutes of their scheduled tee time, which creates potential inconvenience for golf course personnel and scores of other patrons.
- Maintenance crews seem to insist that they are always the priority.
- People complain endlessly about pace of play, but seldom take the initiative to request an invitation to play through a slower moving group. They possess a perverse impression that this responsibility lies solely with a course ranger or player's assistant.
- Offers extended through discount coupons, said by some to encourage repeat play at regular rates, are frequently misunderstood by those attempting to redeem them. However politely the conditions are explained, consumers in general are offended when the discounts are not applied. It is an uncomfortable interaction for all concerned.

That's enough for now, and I haven't even touched on the attire that golf courses allow people to consider appropriate for attendance at a golf course.

A rant is a rant. Stay tuned...

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