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Who Will Be The 100th NHL Player to Score 400 Goals?

National Hockey League coverage of late included celebration on Dec. 23 of Shane Doan's 400th career goal, scored at home against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's a heck of an achievement!

Doan is reported to be the 93rd player to score 400 times in his NHL career.

Shane Doan
So, it got me to thinking; who will be the 100th NHL player to accomplish this feat?

I've posed this question on Twitter to some of the real good ones - Bob McKenzie, Ray Ferraro and James Mirtle. They're busy guys, but I'd love to hear their thoughts.

Here's the most recent information I could muster.

At Dec. 23, 2016, there were 14 NHL players that have reached the 300-goal plateau. Listed below are these current NHLers, along with the dates coinciding with their first season.

Updated @ Jan. 27
391 - Marian Gaborik (2000-01)
380 - Joe Thornton (1997-98)
366 - Daniel Sedin (2000-01)
366 - Sidney Crosby (2005-06)
339 - Corey Perry (2005-06)
341 - Eric Staal (2003-04)
331 - Jeff Carter (2005-06)
321 - Steve Stamkos (2008-09) & Tomas Vanek (2005-06)
318 - Henrik Zetterberg (2002-03)
317 - Evgeni Malkin (2006-07) & Scott Hartnell (2000-01)
308 - Jason Spezza (2002-03)
307 - Zach Parise (2005-06)

I think that realistically, Gaborik is the only player with a shot to get to 400 this season, if he can stay healthy. He's scored once in 12 games this season, coming off a foot injury suffered during the 2016 World Cup. If he gets to #400, that would make it 94 players to do so.

Thornton? I don't think so. Sure, he'll probably collect 21 assists before the season ends, but 21 goals? I dunno.

But I also wonder how many of these players will be in the game long enough to reach the 400-goal milestone?

Does anyone see Zetterberg, Hartnell or Spezza getting to 400?

There are a few other possibilities, but they have plenty of work to do. Also, a scan of these names really got me shaking my head because it's hard for me to fathom these young guys are all 10 seasons in to their respective NHL careers!

284 - Phil Kessel (2006-07)
278 - Joe Pavelski (2006-07)
261 - Patrick Kane (2007-08)
256 - Jonathan Toews (2007-08)

Place your bets everyone!

Who will be the 100th NHL player to reach the 400-goal plateau?

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