Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hello World...

With apologies to Tiger Woods, yes, it's true...I'm back!

I walked away from my "Rinks to Links" blog when treatment for cancer in my throat and neck surfaced. Being at the the "rink" and the "golf course" were two of the furthest things from my mind at the time.

While I was on the disabled list, I lost my gig as a contributor with a publication called BC Hockey Now. It was a nifty little hockey magazine that entrusted me with coverage of the WHL, specifically the Prince George Cougars, Kamloops Blazers and also, the Kelowna Minor Hockey Association. I suppose I'm just like the starting quarterback that blows an knee, making way for the back up to step in and take over. Oh well, shit happens, eh?

But, I'm still standin'! And it's time to wake up and get back in the game! With some conviction!

Cancer-free since February 5, 2013, I have certainly received a heaping helping of good fortune. I know that cancer cells don't always behave. It's an odd feeling, really....the only certainty these days is uncertainty.  

But, I'm pretty damn lucky to be honest, and thankful to have gotten back to watching hockey and playing golf. It's about passion!

I am excited about the upcoming NHL Draft, an event I have paid special attention to for the better part of the past decade. That will be my first priority.

Stay tuned...

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