Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More Great B.C. Golfing Value!!!

Sure, the Okanagan Valley gets the nod for it collection of great golf courses and it's huge head start in promoting itself as a golf destination. Vancouver Island serves up incredible variety and value. Whistler is, well, Whistler. And, how can anybody anywhere ignore the quality of golf in the East Kootenays?

Finally, I took the time to travel to the WEST Kootenays to explore the landscape of golf. The region between Grand Forks and Creston along the Canada/USA border is not only one of the most scenic drives we've ever experienced, the golf courses are absolutely phenomenal. There are eight golf courses in the region that have banded together to form the Kootenay Golf Trail. They are an amazing group of facilities.

We spoke with Pat Biln at the Castlegar Golf Club and Kevin Maffioli at the Christina Lake GC. You can read the piece and listen to the interviews by clicking right here.

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