Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The CFL Week That Was...

It was another installment of guesswork that didn't go particularly well, a common occurance thus far through ten weeks of the CFL regular season.

Montreal 12 AT B.C. 19: Even though the Als were not great, that doesn't mean they deserved the fate served up by the controversial time clock issue at B.C. Place. In two wins at home this season, the Lions' cause has been aided by the incorrect application of the rules. The brutal call by game officials that wiped out a late Als TD, also tarnished the outstanding rushing performance of Martell Mallet. The Leos running back churned up 212 yards.

Winnipeg 14 AT Saskatchewan 29: Big win for the Roughies. Great defence, decent offensively and not really tested on special teams. Bombers had plenty of chances, which has to scare any who figure the return match in Winnipeg might be a cakewalk.

Toronto 15 AT Hamilton 34: Yep, Toronto is that bad, and they continue to prove it. Ticats D-line won the battle in the trenches. Kevin Glenn looks comfortable at the helm in Steeltown.

Edmonton 9 AT Calgary 38: Stamps spanked the Esks in all facets on this night. A win that muddles the West Division standings in a big way. Three way tie for first place. Look for 55,000 plus fans this weekend at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton for the rematch. A tough grind, playing on three days rest.

Last Week: 1-3. Season: 17-19.

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