Friday, July 10, 2009

Sakic Stories Abound...

The retirement of Joe Sakic from the NHL at 40 years of age means he is probably only one more press conference away from the Hall of Fame. In the next few days, folks from all corners of North America will lend their own "Joe Sakic" stories. of course, I have mine too.

While working in the hotel industry during the 1980's, I represented a chain of properties, one of which was located in Swift Current. I'd spend about six to eight nights there each year, staying in touch with various contacts and doing what I could to support the local management team in their effort to drum up business and profile. One of my trips included attendance at the Swift Current Broncos' $100-A-Plate Dinner at the 'venerable' Horseshoe Lodge.

Throughout the evening, ticket numbers were selected by various Broncos players in an 'elimination draw' for cash prizes. When Sakic's arm reached into the draw barrel, I just had a feeling. His hand came out, he handed the ticket to the host (a comedian by the name of Nestor Pistor from Edmonton). Indeed, Sakic had chosen my ticket and I'd won a cool $500!! That's a lot of dough...especially back in the 1980's!

I went up on the stage, shook Joe's hand, thanked him for picking my ticket, then announced I was donating $100 to the Kinsmen Telemiracle in Saskatchewan on behalf of the Broncos. The rest of the cash turned into a high-chair and other supplies for my daughter, Jennifer, who was born a couple of months later.

Once again Joe...thanks for the memories!

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