Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NHL Draft Review - Part One

Nice to be back after a couple of days on the Lower Mainland. Geez, that can sure make a guy appreciate Kelowna!

Just about finished my comprehensive review of the NHL Draft, from a WHL perspective. A total of 31 players were selected. I nailed the number of first rounders (five) but was off the mark as far as the order they were taken. I will continue to defend my opinion that Jared Cowen, selected ninth by Ottawa, should have gone higher and I believe time will prove this to be accurate.

And, Carter Ashton going 29th caught me off guard. Figured him for a top 20 guy. All the tools...a great pick for Tampa Bay.

Sure, Landon Ferraro got the obligatory face time on TSN with his father, Ray. Had to have been expected. Gotta wonder how the folks in the immediate area felt about the "promotional" appearance. Detroit, who traded down from #29 and then selected Ferraro early in the second round, is ecstatic to have him.

How about Brett Ponich of the Portland Winterhawks? I pegged him as a longshot pick in my 2009 WHL Top 25 Prospects piece (click here) and the St. Louis Blues snapped him up in the seocnd round, 48th overall. Yes, eyebrows were, and remain, raised on this one. But you gotta hope the kid, who checks in at 6'6, gets it together this season and makes the Blues look like geniuses.
Stay tuned...

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